Writing 101 – The Paragraph

It was a great day until you learned you must write a cover letter, essay or report! I know the feeling! Some days, writing feels like dodging bullets and a 5 sentence paragraph leaves me gasping for breath.
But writing doesn’t have to induce fight or flight responses. In this article, I share 2 simple formulas for structuring paragraphs that you can use to improve your writing experience and outcomes. Continue reading Writing 101 – The Paragraph

8 Things Wrong with your CV.

Originally posted on Musonda Speaks HR:
Your CV is usually aimed at time-impoverished professionals, thus it’s no surprise that research conducted by Ladders found that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds actively looking at CV’s during the initial shortlisting phase. It took you more time to read this article’s introduction than  a recruiter will actively spend examining your CV.   Thus, it’s up to you to… Continue reading 8 Things Wrong with your CV.