An Ode to Mizinga Melu: Why you should read Braving the Odds

My philosophy is that life is too short, and the job of a CEO too busy, to waste time pretending. I don’t believe one can be successful trying to be someone they’re not!

Mizinga Melu – Braving the Odds

I recently read braving the odds by Mizinga Melu and it was a transformative experience. She shares a very inspiring tale & here are 6 reasons why you should read it.

1. She reminds us that hard work and determination have no bounds. If a girl from rural Zambia who flanked out of college can work her way to CEO of numerous international firms, maybe even us weh! But you have to stay in the game. You need to fill your toolbox with a broad spectrum of skills through education and career experience, and actively use them to propel you towards your goals.

2. She’ll make you laugh! No seriously, it’s a very funny book. Starting from boardroom faux pas with ‘mini-dresses’ to extravagant au pairs in Paris, Braving the Odds is laced with fantastical and relatable anecdotes!

3. In the chapter on boardroom politics, Mizinga reminds us that they are not an ocean we need to drown in but rather just currents to navigate. She also shares practical strategies on how to do just that using examples from her very illustrious career!

4. There’s a love story 😍! I’m a sucker for romance and she doesn’t disappoint!

5. It’s a well-written book. I say this from a place of love and feel free to call me out, but sometimes we do not expect great quality content from local producers. However, in typical Mizinga fashion (I feel like I can say that since reading the book lol) she humbles us with her excellence.

6. It’s a real-life Zambian book! I read a lot! And a lot of the books talk about New York skyscrapers or winters in London. Conversely, Mizinga talks to us about summers in Lusaka and rainy season at the farm in Kafue. All this to say, it’s really nice to read a book I can directly relate to. *Spoiler – Mizinga still takes us to Time Square in New York and High Street in London just to remind us we can get there!

Mizinga, to say that you have personally changed my life would be an understatement. You have literally left us with a blueprint for modelling excellence and this book is simply another proof point of that. Thank you! I appreciate you.

“To all the African girls and women out there – it is our time to brave the odds!”

Mizinga Melu – Braving the Odds

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