Managing job seeker & unemployment burnout

Ironically, job seeking is a full-time job! You spend significant hours finding jobs that match your ambitions. Editing your CV, going for interviews, getting rejected, and fielding questions from well-meaning friends & family about how the job search is going. It’s no surprise that many job seekers experience burnout! Find out how to manage unemployment burnout in this article. Continue reading Managing job seeker & unemployment burnout

A comprehensive interview guide

Approximately 250 people apply for roles in knowledge work, and only five get called in for interviews. That means you beat 98% of the other people who applied. At this point, the organisation is trying to find out if you are as great in person as you are on paper. The great news is you are better! These tips will make sure you come across as such: Continue reading A comprehensive interview guide

How to pivot from your Current Role to your Dream Job

Are you applying for your dream job or anything closely resembling your skill set? I think it’s a question worth reflecting on because if you always do what you have done, how can you ever become more. Find out how to pivot from your current role to your dream job in this article. Continue reading How to pivot from your Current Role to your Dream Job

Writing 101 – The Paragraph

It was a great day until you learned you must write a cover letter, essay or report! I know the feeling! Some days, writing feels like dodging bullets and a 5 sentence paragraph leaves me gasping for breath.
But writing doesn’t have to induce fight or flight responses. In this article, I share 2 simple formulas for structuring paragraphs that you can use to improve your writing experience and outcomes. Continue reading Writing 101 – The Paragraph