Is EQ the new IQ?

“Our feelings are not there to be cast out or conquered. They’re there to be engaged and expressed with imagination and intelligence.” ― T.K. Coleman My boss once told me a story about how he got the highest biology scores in the Southern Africa region when he was in high school. He always says he wasn’t the smartest kid in class nor did he have … Continue reading Is EQ the new IQ?

The role of the ‘Employee Champion’ in Stress Management.

Ulrich and Brockbank (2005) delineate five key roles for the Human Resource Expert; Employee Advocate Human Capital Developer Strategic Partner Functional Expert HR Leader My concern for this particular article is the role of Employee Advocate, otherwise referred to as Employee Champion. This in its most basic form entails keeping open communication channels with employees, ensuring that they have their say in matters that affect … Continue reading The role of the ‘Employee Champion’ in Stress Management.

The truth will set you free; but first it will piss you off

“Would you accept to have surgery from a surgeon who never updates her skills?  Would you accept to take drugs that don’t help but have a lot of side effects? Would you accept it if an engineer lies about their degree as an engineer and builds an unstable bridge? Would you dare to fly with somebody who has never been trained as a pilot?” The … Continue reading The truth will set you free; but first it will piss you off

HR Management Gurus; Fact or Fad?

“Predictive programming is the idea that society embeds messages into pop culture media and other modes of transmission in order to psychologically prepare and incubate the general population for certain events.” It is, of course, a conspiracy theory. If you already suspected that ‘the man‘ was attempting to control your mind, then your pre-theoretical view would have been confirmed by the above analysis, and you … Continue reading HR Management Gurus; Fact or Fad?

Scraper or Silver Spoon? 

“Your company launches a search for an open position. The applications start rolling in, and the qualified candidates are identified. Now the choosing begins. Person A: Ivy League, 4.0, flawless resume, great recommendations. All the right stuff. Person B: state school, fair amount of job hopping, and odd jobs like cashier and singing waitress. But remember — both are qualified. So I ask you: who … Continue reading Scraper or Silver Spoon?