A comprehensive interview guide

Approximately 250 people apply for roles in knowledge work, and only five get called in for interviews. That means you beat 98% of the other people who applied. At this point, the organisation is trying to find out if you are as great in person as you are on paper. The great news is you are better! These tips will make sure you come across as such: Continue reading A comprehensive interview guide

Surviving the War on Talent: Violet S Mtonga

The war on talent isn’t over yet. Welcome to the fourth article on the War on Talent, to read previous articles click here. Meet Violet Mtonga, she Heads Procurement and Logistics for Vodafone in Zambia, which is a multinational telecommunications company. She graciously agreed to meet and share her survival tactics on the War on Talent. Career and Education Current Position: Head of Procurement and Logistics … Continue reading Surviving the War on Talent: Violet S Mtonga