Zambian Women in HR

“The ability to discipline yourself, to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term, is the indispensable prerequisite for success.”

Brian Tracy

The Zambia Institute of Human Resources Management (ZIHRM) recently held a conference in honour of women’s month and it was a vibe!

ZIHRM Council

The meeting was kicked off by great icebreakers with Tafadzwa Sasa who got us networking and chatting before the conference officially kicked off.

A lot of impactful information was shared by the four amazing speakers: Cecilia Zimba, Janice Matwi, Jaqueline Saidi Chishimba, Col Mwizukanji Namwawa (click on their names to see their LinkedIn profiles). My 6 major takeaways were:

1. On Financial Freedom – Cecilia Zimba

Cecilia Zimba

A big part of financial freedom is having a peaceful mind & heart as well as successfully traversing life’s what-ifs

Cecilia Zimba
  1. Financial freedom is not about:
    1. Winning the lottery
    2. Having money but no time
    3. Having money but no health
  2. Financial freedom is:
    1. Being able to control your time
    2. Having passive income exceed your expenses
    3. Having a balanced life that includes time and health
  3. Fully understand your finacial status (the naked truth). What do you earn, spend and save!
  4. Get out of the 40-40-40 club
    1. Work 40 hours a week
    2. Work for 40 years
    3. Retire to 40% of your savings
  5. Start making a passive income, it will help you become a master of wealth creation.
  6. Start saving and investing early in your career. Remember that money compounds!
  7. Grow in the levels of financial freedom
    1. Level 1 – Financial solvency (Expenses = Income)
    2. Level 2 – Financial stability (Expenses are less than your income & you can build an emergency fund)
    3. Level 3 – Debt freedom (You have no debts and you can invest your money)
    4. Level 4 – Financial security (You are now reaping from your investments and you can sustain your expenses from your passive income)
    5. Level 5 – Financial independence (You have atleast 25 times your annual expenses in savings)
    6. Level 6 – Financial abundunce (Basically you can go to the moon!)
  8. Start criticizing your own spending patterns. Write down all your expenses and see where you can cut back!
  9. Personal investing steps:
    1. Set your financial goals
    2. Understand investment vehicles
    3. Develop an investment strategy
    4. Implement your strategy
    5. Moniter the performance of your investments

It is not everything that you want that you need! Learn how to save!

Cecilia Zimba

2. On Fear – Col Mwizukanji Namwawa

  1. The problem is you want to be perfect before you put yourself out there. The trick is to do it despite the fear, that’s what we call courage! Even if you fail, there are lessons in that fall. – Col Mwizukanji Namwawa
  2. Start slowly to get yourself out of fear. Start doing more and more things that scare you. The more you try and throw yourself in these fearful experiences the more confidence you get. Before you know it, 5 -10 years down the line, you are an expert!- Col Mwizukanji Namwawa

3. On personal branding

Always have a 30 – 60 second positioning statement (an elevator pitch or a quick summary of who you are and what you do).

Janice Matwi
Janice Matwi & Musonda
  1. First impressions are usually based on implicit bias. All stimuli & experiences create filters that we use to make snap judgements about people around us. Personal branding allows you to tell your story, change the narrative and break biases- Janice Matwi
  2. Personal branding is important because we live in a world where being yourself is a revolutionary act. The world has never experienced you yet, you need to tell your story! Therefore, branding yourself allows you to differentiate yourself by articulating the unique value you bring to the table. – Janice Matwi
  3. In a society where people are mostly interested in scandalous stories, feel free to create a different narrative of yourself, your gender, and your country. We have a say in the stories people tell about Women in Zambia. Col Mwizukanji Namwawa
  4. The world has a story about you (short, black, female, fat, white, afro, blonde). Personal branding allows you to define yourself. – Janice Matwi
  5. Your network is your net worth! 8 out of 10 people find their next career & business opportunity from their network. Therefore, personal branding allows your network to fully understand what your skills and experiences are. Thus, increasing your likelihood of career & business opportunities. – Janice Matwi
  6. You need to network! Put yourself out there and tell the world your story. This allows the right opportunities to meet you!Jaqueline Saidi Chishimba
  7. A personal brand is not about followers and likes! It is not about how famous you are, but rather about sharing your narrative and changing the status quo! Your personal brand may not be for everyone, but believe that the right people are watching. – Janice Matwi

Your story is unique to you!

Janice Matwi

4. On personal development

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”

Greg Reid
  1. You are the table so you have to be conscious of what you present! If you do not like what you see at your own table make sure you grow. Jaqueline Saidi Chishimba
  2. Young girl, never get tired of learning and unlearning because the world is always changing & Zambia needs you. – Engwase Mwale (Executive Director NGOCC)
  3. Master the 4Ps in your work: Purpose, Passion, Perseverance, Patience – Engwase Mwale (Executive Director NGOCC)
  4. Master the 3Cs in your work: Choice, Chance, Change – Cecilia Zimba
  5. Cultivate mentoring relationships with people who can encourage you to fulfil your potential. Allow people to help you grow. Col Mwizukanji Namwawa

5. On leadership

  1. We must all aspire to be the best of ourselves. Find and use your own voice. You cannot be a leader if you are being someone else, leadership should come from who you are. – Engwase Mwale (Executive Director NGOCC)
  2. If women are missing at the table. Let’s make extra tables and chairs. – Engwase Mwale (Executive Director NGOCC)
  3. What 1 word describes what is currently hindering you from participating in your organisation’s or the country’s leadership. Find out how other people (women) have overcome your one word and make a personal plan to overcome it as well. Jaqueline Saidi Chishimba
  4. You do not need to fit into the traditional narrative of male leadership, your story is valid. – Janice Matwi

6. On Power

  1. Success is laborious. You’ll never meet a successful person who will just say “oh, it was just a walk in the park!” So you need to show up and work hard for your dream. Col Mwizukanji Namwawa
  2. You need to assert yourself and people should understand what your boundaries are. There are things people should know you will not tolerate! Do not allow people to harass or diminish you.Col Mwizukanji Namwawa
  3. We are extremely powerful as a unit. For example, Zambia has over 50% women, therefore if we wanted, we could win an election Col Mwizukanji Namwawa
  4. A lot of our lessons on leadership are from a male perspective therefore as women it may seem that we have to change ourselves to occupy positions of power. But it’s very important to show up as yourself because that’s where the power lays, in being yourself. Col Mwizukanji Namwawa
  5. We can only make a difference if we are involved, so show up and try your best! – Wane Wishimanga

All in all, fun was had! Friends were made! Networks were formed!

Hope to see you there next time.

Have a great & productive week


2 thoughts on “Zambian Women in HR

  1. I find your write ups incredible and transcendent for the cause of tiring up hope and motivated to Forster for real big deal and not only to be content of who one is presently viewed. It’s amazing and transformational each time I read through your articles and so I decided not to blink off the opportunity to get hold of every realized article, henceforth had to register for feeds. Thanks Musonda for this trajectory taken to cause a discomfort of the status quo that makes us realize there’s more better place to be than where we are. We’ve gat to step out of the comfort zones and liberate ourselves from mostly, self oppressions due to uninformed decisions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words George. I believe people can live the lives of their dreams. I believe we all have enormous potential and with intention & hardwork, we can live upto it. I try to live that and write about it to remind and others.

      Liked by 1 person

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