How to pivot from your Current Role to your Dream Job

I love to read and journal. It helps me make sense of the world, take stock of my life, dream, and plan for the future. In this article, I share simple reflective questions that may help you do this for your own life.

Taking stock of your current life

“What kind words can you say to yourself today?” Whenever I ask people this question, it’s usually followed by nervous laughter and then extreme concentration. As if they are not accustomed to being kind to themselves!

Sometimes, we are our own harshest critics. We say things to ourselves that we would not allow anyone else to get away with. I am not saying you shouldn’t demand excellence, but imagine if you did this by being a motivating coach, kind friend and generous lover to yourself! Instead of an overbearing bully!

Other reflecting questions that may help with this are:

  • What three professional milestones have I achieved in the past 12 months?
  • What three personal wins have I reached in the past 24 months?
  • How can I pivot my three most significant weaknesses into strengths?

Planning for your future career

Are you applying for your dream job or just anything closely resembling your skill set? I think it’s a question worth reflecting on because if you always do what you have done, how can you ever become more?

Other key questions to reflect on are:

✅What is my dream or ideal job?
✅What 3 skills do I need to learn to achieve it?
✅What 3 habits do I need to eliminate to create room for it?

If you’re interested in diving deeper into pivoting from your current role to your dream job, download this simple reflective questionnaire here.

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