Whats your type?

I was reading a book on organizational behavior and came across Type A and B personality types. I couldn’t help but laugh at how ‘Type A’ I was [I had no idea that people play games for fun and not for winning, aren’t the two the same😞Edit]. I thought you might find it insightful or just have a laugh, figuring out what your type is. 


Cardiologists, Meyer Friedman and RH Rosenman, were researching the likely causes of coronary diseases. They, linked the probability of getting this disease to certain personality patterns. Their hypotheses has largely been discounted, but their classification of ‘Type A’ and ‘Type B’ personalities lives on.

Individuals with Type A personalities can be said to be highly anxious individuals, everything needs to be done yesterday! They have an incessant compulsion to do things better and faster. Achievements are measured in terms of goals and tasks completed, but the list never really ends.

Conversely, Type B’s are more relaxed and easy-going. Not to say they don’t enjoy achievements, but they are more willing to explore and work steadily towards the goals. The ‘means’ is just as important as the ‘ends.’

The table below has general characterizations of Type A and Type  personalities.

 Type A Behaviors Type B Behaviors
Measures success by quantity of results. Success isn’t measured by the quantity of results.
Is always active and moving Relaxes without guilt
Usually anxious ,which is reflected in beahiour suach as rapid walking, talking and eating. Less anxious about achieving their goals
Does two or more things at once Reflective and likes to explore ideas
Is socially aggressive  Patient and Even Tempered
Is highly competitive Plays for fun, not to win
Experiences constant time pressure Not under constant time pressure

Maybe you don’t fall into one specific category, you’re a hybrid. You measure your success by how much you’ve achieved, but you’re able to relax without feeling bad about it.

Find out your type with this test.

Like most personality theories and categorizations, all this should be taken with cupfuls of salt. Human personality can’t be condensed into 2 categories. I’m of the view that personality exists on a continuum (read this post for more). However this does give insight as to what drives and propels peoples’ behavior.


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